Custom Cabinets

Hardly any aspect of a home accomplishes more in terms of functionality and aesthetics than custom cabinets. Built-ins can add style and personality, and a dramatic statement, to any living space.

Custom Cabinets can blend into your décor – rather than necessarily standing out. This creates a coherent look that makes a room feel open and airy. They also create a smooth transition between living spaces, expanding a room’s possibilities. Ideally, built-ins look like a part of the home itself—blending seamlessly with your home.

Another of SEIDEL Design•Build  specialties is designing and building  custom cabinets and built-ins that function as gorgeous focal points throughout the home. As SEIDEL Design•Build ’s founder and president Stacey Seidel says, “These focal points can be made around fireplaces, entryways, window seats, or display cases for artwork. The important part is blending the fine finishes with architecture of the home.”